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Visitors, Welcome to CNC-Universe!


On behalf of the CNC-Universe Team, we would like to extend our gratitude and welcomes to the new members of this group.

We also boast one of Deviantart's most numerous and diverse group of affiliates!

As of now, our restructuring and overhauls are still on-going, so please bear with us as we strive to make this group a better and a more fun place.

The rules to this family-friendly Group is quite simple and fair. Please read the rules on this group's home page.

If any problems arise, don't hesitate to speak to World of Tanks or send us a :note:Note.

Well, what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to become part of the rapidly growing CNC-Universe. :) The Join button is right there! Join now and become part of our expansion.


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Greetings of Peace and Joy!

Attention everyone, these would be very important announcements regarding the Coalition groups as a whole.

Right now, we have re-engaged our expansionist policies so please do forgive us if any of you experience a sudden influx of deviations into your message centers from our groups. This is crucial to ensure the stability and growth of the groups involved for the future. We would not wish for our groups to simply go stagnant and well, be the next group in line to become inactive and abandon all our members, we refuse to have it go that way.

Anyways, we have been thinking and pondering over a certain possibility for a long time, to turn these groups into super groups, however, the resources needed to make such an endeavor possible would be immense and frankly, not possible for us to do on our own. With that being said, we would like to have your opinions, being members of this group, regarding a possible donation pool for points to be set up in order to better supply the CNC Coalition groups and its endeavors on DA.

And that brings us to another problem we have been facing, and that has something to do with our "EQUESTRIAN DREAM" Comic project. As we all know, we've made a journal last time regarding the Equestrian Dream project, in the hopes that we would be able to quickly advance it through the ranks and would be able to pull through with it without any complications, but this is the real world and complications are commonplace. We have made some progress in terms of creating a unified account for the comic, and actually being able to put forth one piece of artwork which is currently in the Featured Section, however, that is just one piece of artwork and our progress has kinda slowed down considerably given our lack of manpower to develop the comic or make it possible. With that said, the donation pool for points mentioned above could or would also be used to help strengthen the foundations of this comic. If we do not receive any feedback regarding this, then perhaps a points donation pool is not the best of ideas that we have right now. 

We are in terrible need of advertisers as well as artists to help make this comic possible, but I fear that it may not be possible without the use of commissions and outside assistance. One of my main problems is that, I personally, the guy running said comic, could not draw even if everything I had was on the line. Which is a very dangerous situation for this comic to be in. I do have a small team of artists and writers with me on this massive endeavor, but as stated, our progress has kinda slowed down. We need a boost to help speed it up. So, we are hoping that we would be able to gain the support we need for this.

Right now, we need volunteers to help us with this massive undertaking. People who could draw Digital artworks and could vector various objects. You do not have to be the best, but you have to believe in yourself that you could do whatever it takes, and have commitment. Just to give you an idea of what we want done, we would be drawing aircraft, warships, tanks, spears, shields, armor, ponies, backgrounds, etc. Basically a whole mess of ideas warped into one massive story. We plan to do what so little artists out there would dare to do. We strive to aim high. So if you want to be part of our Comic team, then kindly message me:


A. Must have Skype for communication and group coordination
B. Must have Commitment
C. Be willing to go forward

Here is the unified Equestrian Dream account: :iconthe-equestrian-dream:

And our very first piece of artwork:

THE EQUESTRIAN DREAM by The-Equestrian-Dream


Do not hesitate to give that account a subscription or Fave the artwork, and maybe even advertise and spreading the word about the project. It would go a long way in helping to make this comic possible.

"The recent magical ruckus in Equestria has attracted the attention of more than one foreign nation. What ensues in the coming weeks are some of the darkest days the land has ever witnessed as they get caught up in a violent conflict spanning half the globe. Now they must join forces with strangers or risk total annihilation. But are these "new friends" here to be Equestria's salvation... or will they lead Equestria further to its destruction. Only time would tell the outcome of such an event, when Military Might meets the Magic of Friendship."


With those announcements done, I would like to take this time to extend a helping hand or hoof out to one of our most active members, :iconthefriendlyelephant:

He truly lives up to his username, he is super friendly, so you could be sure you would have a friend in him if ever. However, despite this, he currently has problems in terms of finances. His journal entry provided would explain the situation much better than we ever would here at CNC. Here is the journal entry:


Now, we do apologize for the delays that had occurred in the making of this journal entry... I've had a lot of things to deal with recently and well, also a lot of problems associated with them. Hopefully, these problems would go away with time. Anyways, back on topic. As you could see,  he has resorted to selling his artworks as prints. And that is a clear indication that things are not going nicely. Personally, I could not do anything financially, but hopefully a lot of you would be able to help him out. He is truly a nice person, and he deserves much better. And besides, his artworks are utterly amazing.

Please Help by TheFriendlyElephant

Now who could resist that face..? I am being serious here.

Commissions For Everyone by TheFriendlyElephant

He also has commissions up so be sure to check those out if his artworks interest you, and I am sure they would.

Anyways, we close this journal off with game music from WORLD OF WARSHIPS. If you would like to go blast other ships out of the water, then this game is for you. It has a competitive PVP as well as CO-OP game mode which means there would be something for everyone. You can download the game at:

Thank you so much for going through this longer than usual journal entry. Our sincere apologies, but we would like to be as transparent with our members as possible regarding our future actions and decisions. We truly hope you continue to support the CNC Coalition in the future, and rest assured, we would try our best to support you as well.

With regards,

Worldoftanks ~ Founder, CNC-Universe
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Group Info

This group focuses on a multitude of topics.

However, we did not forget about our origins in the Command and Conquer Franchise, and we would still accept deviations regarding this topic.

Now, the main aim of this group is to unite deviants who have different interests under one group. The Universe is a vast ocean of stars, hence why CNC-Universe is a vast ocean of ideas. Construct and Create those deviations. Command and Conquer the Universe.

CNC-Universe is here for you! Welcome to the group and have fun.
Don't be a stranger or merely a visitor! Become a member! Join us now! Everyone is accepted!
Founded 3 Years ago
Sep 8, 2013


Group Focus
Multitude of Topics

2,422 Members
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:thumb413351801: 1. Read the Gallery-folders' info before submitting. They will tell you what is allowed in the folders

:thumb413351801: 2. Place your art in the right folders. Not sure where to submit? >Submit here!<

:thumb413351801: 3. Give proper credit to any resource you have used in your deviation (Includes but is not limited to video game screenshots and images which makes use of vectors)

:thumb413351801: 4. Currently we only allow 5 submissions daily to the gallery

:thumb413351801: 5. We do NOT allow Favorites suggestions to favorites

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Small Xmark Pixel Free To Use by Divine-Angel-Heroine 10. Deviations made with bases and 'creator' programs (Examples linked)

Small Xmark Pixel Free To Use by Divine-Angel-Heroine 11. Re-submissions of the same deviations (unless it's a mistake)

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Small Xmark Pixel Free To Use by Divine-Angel-Heroine 14. Personal Deviations are not allowed. (Unless the face is covered or is not clearly shown or the image is made digitally)

(Small Checkmark Pixel Free To Use by Divine-Angel-Heroine You are allowed to draw or vector scenes and characters from movies and make memes out of them yourself as long as you give credit.)

***More rules to come if any more problems occur

Details on "What is NOT allowed" and "What is REQUIRED": [link to descriptive version WIP]

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